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US Lacrosse Membership Policy

Fairport Youth Lacrosse (FYL) requires all youth players to obtain a valid US Lacrosse membership in order to register for play in any programs.  Membership in US Lacrosse is required to be in effect by the participant for the entire lacrosse season.  No one without a valid US Lacrosse membership will be allowed to participate in any of the FYL programs.  

FYL coaches and board members are required to obtain membership in US Lacrosse.  Registration for our coaches is monitored by the board and initiated throughout the year as our programs are deployed.  

How to Obtain Membership:

All FYL programs require registration through our website at www.fairportyouthlacrosse.org.  The registration process automatically prompts each player to provide proof of membership with US Lacrosse.  If a player does not have a valid US Lacrosse membership at the time of registration, the website will automatically prompt the registrant to obtain a valid US Lacrosse membership before continuing the registration process.