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To play youth lacrosse for Fairport Youth Lacrosse, each player must have:

  • A regulation lacrosse stick.
  • A NOCSAE approved lacrosse helmet (Hockey helmets are not acceptable).
  • A mouth guard that attaches to the helmet.
  • Arm and shoulder pads.
  • Gloves (Hockey gloves are acceptable but not recommended because they don't flex properly for lacrosse).
  • Athletic supporter with protective cup.

Rib pads are strongly recommended.

Rubber sole cleats are recommended. Sneakers and soccer cleats are acceptable footwear.

Lacrosse equipment can be purchased at a local sports store such as Dick's Sporting Goods, Lacrosse Unlimited in Pittsford, or ComLax in Henrietta. 

Fairport Youth Lacrosse offers Equipment Rental Packages for boys. Rental Packages include a helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, and gloves. Packages cost $40 for the season for returning players, and FREE for new, first-time players. A $100 deposit is required when you receive your equipment, and will be returned when you return the equipment at the end of the season. 
For the safety of all involved, we cannot let a player onto the field without the required equipment. Please be sure that your child has all of his equipment for practices, scrimmages and games.